How To Choose The Right Resistance Bands For Your Workout

Resistance training and strength boosting exercises are all the hype these days. Whether you're at home or a gym, you can use these bands to get the strength you need and tone up that body into the shape and form you desire. Although you can do this using your own body weight, as you build up endurance within the body, it becomes much helpful to take things to the next level by incorporating helping equipment such as resistance bands.

What is a Resistance Band?

Resistance bands are made of stretchable material –rubber – to provide you with the resistance you need in doing such exercises. You have to work with your muscles to stretch these bands against their elastic force, which propels them to get back in their original position.

Types of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are of three types, and each one comes with its own benefits:

1: Loop Bands – these exercise bands are used for bodyweight assistance, resistance, full-body workouts, warmups, and stretching. You can also add them to calisthenics to increase resistance, such as in bench press. Whether you are doing workouts for bodybuilding or flexibility increasing purposes, these bands can make the workout more effective as you can use them in all three planes of motions.

2: Tube Resistance Bands – these tube bands come with an added metal handle attached to a tube that is used to mimic dumbbell exercises and gym machines of certain kinds. If you want the benefits of a gym without having to go to a gym, then this comes off as a piece of all-inclusive portable equipment for you, using which you can perform exercises like shoulder presses, chest presses, and all other forms of exercises requiring push and pull.

3: Booty Bands – although usable for accentuating the form of different muscle groups in the body, these fabric bands are known specifically for their booty lifting power. You can wear these fabric bands over your thighs and perform all booty lifting exercises such as squats, lunges, and donkey kicks for added resistance.

If you're looking to get a resistance band that suits your needs, you can check out our resistance workout collection for further ideas.

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