Dumbbell Weights Set Of 6 Include Storage Rack

$111.90 $169.50

[TARGET & TONE SPECIFIC MUSCLE GROUPS] – Improve your strength and endurance; target those specific muscle groups with the 6 pieces dumbbell set. Dumbbell comes in a pair of 3 kg, 2 kg, and 1 kg. 

[COLOUR CODED DUMBBELL] – Colour coded dumbbells makes it quick and easy to grab the right amount of weight for your workout. Ideal for all fitness levels, for beginners and advanced athletes.

[ANTI-SLIP NEOPRENE DUMBBELL] – Easy to grip, no need to worry about the grip when you are working out.

[EASY & QUICK ASSEMBLY] – Easy to use, these make the perfect addition to aerobic and strength training.

 Package Includes

2 x 1KG Dumbbell 

2 x 2KG Dumbbell 

2 x 3KG Dumbbell 

1 x Storage Rack

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