Adjustable Ankle Arm Wrist Weights Set of 2 5KG

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Looking to build leg muscles while vacuuming the house? Strap the 5KG weight sets onto your ankle and feel the impact on every move. Build strength and tone your legs, make the most of your house cleaning.

 [ADJUSTABLE FOR COMFORT] Easy to use for just about any training routine, be it aerobics or weight training, these straps have got you covered. Made from durable oxford cloth for strength and comfort and filled with soft castle iron sand, these well balanced padded straps are easily and fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

[INTENSIFIES ALL WORKOUT] You’ll hardly know they’re there but you’ll see great results. Intensify your boxing, martial arts, and kickboxing training by slipping on these weights.

[VERSATILE & PORTABLE] Whether running errands or doing chores around the house, wearing our ankle/wrist weights will make everything you do a step toward a better physique!

 Take your workout to a whole new level with our weight set that focuses on the ankle and wrist muscle groups!

 Ankle Weights Set Dimensions: 42 x 16 cm


Blue: 5kg per pair (2.5kg each) 

Black: 10Kg per pair (5Kg each)

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