Battle Rope 3.8cm x 9M, Strength Training Workout

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[STRONG & LEAN IN JUST 20 MINUTES WORKOUT] – Popular equipment known to increase power and strength. In just 20 minutes' workout, it maximises your core, abs, arms, shoulders, and legs, it’s the full-body workout.

[SUITABLE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVEL] – Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete level, combat ropes will get you in the best shape, it increases muscle gain, improve cardio and burn fat.

[ERGONOMIC & EASY TO USE] - This battle rope is easy to set up and easy to use. Just wrap it around a heavy, stationary object, like a tree or a fence post, take the ropes in hand, and then shake them one after the other in an undulating motion.

[EASY TO STORE & EASY TO PACK] - Simply stash your rope in the wardrobe after every workout.

[DURABLE & MADE TO LAST] – Designed with 3-strand twisted, 100% polyester, and heat-shrunk caps on both ends, it stands the test of time.

Package includes:

1 x Battle rope diameter 3.8cm x 9M length

Burn calories doing something you’ll love. Get your battle rope today!

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