Fabric Resistance Bands Set of 3 Non-Slip Booty Bands for Hip Circle Workout

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Feel the burn in just 20 minutes workout a day!

Do you want to tone your legs, hip, and butt but tired of the cheap bands that roll up, twist, or break? 

Look no further, our booty bands ticked all the boxes.

TONE & SCULPT YOUR LEGS, HIP & BUTT – Combine our fitness bands with your daily workout regimes such as squats, lunges, and kickbacks to tone your legs and butt. Train at the gym or at home, just 20 minutes a day to activate the mobility of your glutes for the beach body look.

STRENGTHEN BACK & HIP – Our cotton fabric bands have a nice thickness, it enhances your exercise towards strengthening your back and hip furthermore improve your lower back pain. Start with the gentle workout and gradually increase the intensity to feel the effect.

OUR RANGE OF RESISTANCE SUIT ANYONE'S LEVEL OF FITNESS – Whether you’re a beginner or athlete fitness level, you will like the 3 different exercise bands for different ability levels. Our cotton resistance band comes 1 standard size for the 3 resistance levels to suit your style and provide an adequate range of motion during exercises – we offer light, medium and heavy.

NON-SLIP PREMIUM FABRIC AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - Our workout bands are designed in Australia, made from premium soft cotton stretch fabric and natural latex lining that keeps the band in place while you work out. Our bands don't slide up and down your legs, pull or pinch your skin like the plastic ones. Our resistance band is the most durable and made to last. 

PERFECT GIFT & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY – The 3pcs glute bands and exercise program are conveniently packed in a nice black mesh carry bag. The bag is big enough to fit your gym gloves and keys in. This makes it the perfect gift for your bestie, women, men, adults, sportspeople, or fitness enthusiast. The fabric fit bands set is lightweight and portable to take your workout anywhere.

1 x Pink Dalmatian (Light)
1 x Pepper-mint Green (Medium)
1 x Warrior Princess (Heavy)
1 x Exercise Program
1 x Mesh Bag

Are they easy to use as a beginner?
Absolutely, they can be used for all fitness levels. As a beginner, begin the light resistance which is the green band, and gradually increase your intensity level by changing the bands, pink and purple.

Are the 3 resistance bands the same?
They are 3 different resistance levels with 3 different sizes.
Beginner: Colour-coded green band, small and light, strength is up to 9kgs.
Intermediate: Colour-coded pink band, medium size with medium resistance strength up to 15kgs.
Athlete: Colour-coded purple, large size with heavy resistance level up to 29kgs

Can these exercise bands set breakable?
Unlike the latex bands, these bands are tougher and strong, it can stand the most stretches. There are 3 layers of cotton grip with the latex to provide a stronger hold for your exercise. It's made to last, it will not break while you exercise.

Do these bands roll up?
Not at all, they stay in place while you exercise. They don't pinch, snap, pull or roll up while you exercise.

Are these booty bands specifically designed just for women?
Our bands are designed for men and women.

Do booty bands work?
Absolutely, incorporate our resistance bands with your daily workout session and feel the burn on your legs and thighs. Try it out for 30 days and you'll see and feel the difference, firmer glutes.

How do you wash these bands?
We recommend hand wash or a gentle cycle washing machine and let it air to dry.

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